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2023 Multispecies Workshop

Speaker:Michael Hathaway
Location:HSS C304
Abstract :
This workshop with visiting speaker Professor Michael Hathaway from Simon Fraser University (also including Scott Harrison of the Asia Pacific Foundation) will provide an in-depth discussion and engagement for participating faculty and students in contemporary multispecies methodologies in conjunction with Professor Hathaway's recent book, What a Mushroom Lives For (public lecture to follow later in the day at 15:00). Multispecies scholarship is experiencing an emergence in the social sciences and humanities, inspired by the work of the Matsutake Worlds Research Group of which Michael Hathaway is a member. Professor Hathaway is also a leading scholar in questions about indigeneity in China and the Pacific rim, aligning with research strengths and interest in Taiwan. This workshop will provide faculty and students an opportunity to engage in a discussion with Professor Hathaway’s on these topics at an intimate level. During this workshop participating faculty and graduate students including Professor Hathaway will engage in discussion over his recent book which is required reading for the accompanying doctoral theory course in anthropology. Participating faculty will also engage in discussion over their own work and experiences in multispecies approaches and understanding and how these ways of thinking can inform thinking about questions of environment change in Taiwan and the broader Asia-Pacific. Participants will be expected to come prepared with questions and a familiarity with Professor Hathaway’s work. Faculty from Taiwan participating in the discussion may include: Brendan Galipeau, Haoli Lin, and Kunhui Ku (NTHU), Yenling Tsai, I-Yi Hsieh, and Jeffrey Nicolaisen (NYCU).
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